BuzzInContent Awards 2021 - December 17, 2021
BuzzInContent Awards

BuzzInContent Awards Categories

Content initiatives by brands in every category have different objectives and benchmark of success. A financial brand’s content initiative could not compete with a content piece done by FMCG or entertainment brand to win an award because of different yardsticks of success. If and only if, content pieces in the same category compete for an award they are present on would be an apples to apples comparison.

Since content initiatives are largely becoming media-agnostic and campaigns are omnipresent across various mediums, the entries will be judged on five judging criteria irrespective of the media type of the entry.

The metals will be decided on the basis of total points earned by entries across the five criteria carrying a maximum 10 points.

Jury members will not judge any entry with which they have a conflict of interest.

Main award categories (mandatory):

BuzzInContent Awards will be given out across 13 business categories, irrespective of the format. For example, BuzzInContent Award winner in the Automobile category could be a video, text, audio or image. The entry with maximum points earned in the round two of judging by the Executive Jury will be the category winner.

The 13 business categories mandatory to enter are:

Note: Any work could be entered in more than one categories such as an online fashion brand could be entered into ‘Fashion & Lifestyle’ and ‘e-Commerce’ categories. Similarly, an online pharmacy brand could enter into ‘e-Commerce’ and ‘Healthcare & Pharma’ categories.

If you do not find your exact business category listed above, please choose the closest category for your brand. BuzzInContent Awards reserves the right to shift any entry to the appropriate category.

Special award categories (optional):

All the entries made across business categories will also be eligible to win special awards. The entries opting for special categories will compete for a special award with all the entries made across all the business categories.

To enter work in the special categories, one has to first enter in its respective business category and only then can it enter the special category.

To simplify more, if you want to enter for special award ‘Best Social Media Content of the Year’, it should first be entered into the business category it belongs to and then the special category should be selected. Thus, it will be counted as two entries.

Please write to us at in case you need further clarifications.