BuzzInContent Awards 2021 - December 17, 2021
BuzzInContent Awards
Sooraj Bhalla
Sooraj Bhalla
Founder and CEO, Mates, Madison Teamworks

Bhalla is the Founder and CEO of Madison’s entertainment specialist unit Mates, which focuses on branded content, celebrity management and film marketing.

Bhalla spent the initial 10 years of his career creating content, which includes direction and production. Then the next 14 years of his career in content marketing, branded content, film marketing, celebrity management and solutions. He has worked on 100 plus films along with top producers and studios in India and has sealed over 150 plus deals across brand categories delivering breakthrough communication in engaging content formats. When it comes to celebrity management and solutions, Bhalla has done over 500 deals across brand sectors with the top A-list celebrities in India and some of the most popular digital influencers.

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