Judging Criteria

BuzzInContent Awards 2021 - December 17, 2021
BuzzInContent Awards

Judging Criteria

The 2021 judging criteria for five categories

Every content piece will be judged on the five parameters to earn a maximum of 10 points on each parameter.

Idea and Execution

Is the idea to solve the brand’s problem and meet the objective unique?

Does the storytelling resonate with the consumers to hold their attention and stay with them for long?

Any idea belongs to the person/brand who executes that and the execution defines the success of that idea. Is the experience seamless?

Is the audience able to fully experience the work without technical or media-specific issues getting in the way?

Does the production value and execution enhance the campaign’s message?

Brand fit

A brand could pick a great piece of content to associate with but many times we wonder if the brand was fitting into that piece. A seamless brand integration into the content is the basic qualification for any content marketing initiative. This criteria will determine the following:

How well a brand integrates into a piece of content?
Is the brand easily recognisable in this piece of work?
Does the content further the brand’s identity?
Does the presence of the brand impact content experience?
Does the content match the brand’s ethos and its objective?
Could the same idea be applied to any brand?
Was the brand noticed when the content piece was going viral?

Distribution Strategy

A fool-proof distribution plan is the backbone of a content marketing initiative in order to reach your precise target audience.

How well targeted was your distribution? Was it cost-effective?

How much credit went to distribution in getting desired return on investment?

Reliance on owned vs paid vs earned media?

Performance meter

The success of a great content is defined by the objective it meets. This criteria determines: Engagement, sharability and scalability.

Does the content compel the user to share it?

Does it have longevity or a short lifespan?

Can it be established that the initiative furthered the brand love by means of increased queries for the brand?

Overall Experience

The overall experience encompasses idea, scalibility of the idea, execution, quality of content craft, as well as the intangibles that provoke viewer response. Repeat viewing or visiting generally indicates a generally positive overall experience.